Home Water Filter System Is A Ticket To Clean Water


Using a home water filter system is an excellent way to ensure that you are getting the cleanest and healthiest drinking water possible. But how do you go about choosing which type of system is for you? The best way to start is to arm yourself with information and make your decision based on what your needs are.

Before getting started it is highly advised that the water is professionally tested. There are tests that can be purchased in a retail store for this task, but with the level of severity that rests on the outcome it is not something that should be left up to chance. Skimping on testing is almost the same as not conducting it at all.

Once you know what you are up against then you can intelligently narrow down your choices as to what system you will need. Depending on what your water contains will point you in the right direction.

If you have standard contaminants such as sand, clay or alkaline then a standard faucet mount will probably be fine. That is assuming that you only want clean water for drinking. Only the water in the one faucet will be clear so if your plan is to make other areas of water usage purer then you will have to step up to the next level.

Your next step would be to go with a filter system, such as a carbon filter type. These are designed with multiple stages with each stage having its own purpose. One stage may work on nothing but sand, dirt and clay, while another may focus on pesticides, radon, and metals. There are even stages that work on only removing clay from the water for areas that have high amounts of it in their soil.

A reverse osmosis system is another option. These have a permeable filter membrane that allows only water to pass through and traps material. However, it should be noted that they do nothing for contamination such as VOCs, pesticides, etc. Plus, they do tend to waste a lot of water while they are operating. They are still a reliable way of eliminating the materials that they are designed for, but are best used when they can be utilized in addition to another type of system.

Another type of home water filter system is a UV filter. As water passes through a transparent chamber UV light is passed over it. The UV attaches to microbes, changes their cellular structure and neutralizes them so that they are no longer harmful.