Anti Blemish Pads Freedom From Skin Blemishes


Anti blemish pads are a boon to people suffering from blemishes. Blemishes are areas of discoloration over the top layer skin. In certain cases, acne such as whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples may also be referred to as blemishes. Any person suffering from blemishes shall try different ways to get rid of these blemishes. One may feel miserable because of the presence of the blemishes. No person shall appreciate the appearance of blemishes over their face or skin. Hence, to get rid of these blemishes, anti blemish pads are available in the market. Anti blemish pads are clean wipes or pads which clear the skin from blemishes.

Anti blemish pads helps to treat and prevent blemishes. It further exfoliates the skin which unclogs the pores and eliminates the dead skin cells, leaving a soft, silky skin. Anti blemish pads also refreshes the skin with by cleansing in deep.

These anti blemish pads are to be applied over the blemish or over the acne or pimple. Within a few hours the pimple or the acne dries and the following day it disappears completely. The action of these anti blemish pads are quite quick and provides instantaneously results. Care should be taken that these anti blemish pads are rubbed directly on the blemish only. These anti blemish pads can be used in emergencies too when you want to get rid of those blemishes before some occasion.

The disadvantage of anti blemish pads is that it dries up the skin completely. Hence, care should be taken later to properly moisturizer the skin. Some of the anti blemish pads are saturated with an acne-fighting formula which penetrates the pores and prevents the new breakout of acne.

Before applying the anti blemish pads, the affected area should be cleansed. The entire affected area should be covered with a thin layer. This procedure should be done 1 to 3 times a day. But initially it should be commenced with 1 application daily as it may result in excessive drying of the skin. Gradually it should then, be increased to twice to thrice a day, as per the requirement. In case there is any occurrence of dryness or peeling then the applications should be reduced to once a day or every alternate day.

These anti blemish pads should be used externally only. It should be stored away from extreme heat or open flame. Contact of these pads with the eyes, lips and mouth should be avoided. Rinse the eyes thoroughly with water in case it enters the eyes. Using these pads along with some other topical acne medications can accelerate dryness or irritation of the skin. In such a case only one medication is to be used. In case of increased skin irritation or sensitivity of the skin, immediate advice of a physician is to be taken. Anti blemish pads should be kept far from children and should not be swallowed.

Anti blemish pads are the saving grace for the sufferers of skin blemishes.