What Is A Vegan Lifestyle?


A vegan lifestyle is believed to have existed in ancient Greece, where some philosophers believed that animal cruelty can earn them the wrath of some of their gods and goddesses such as Helios or Artemis. Also in India, people do not consume beef as a respect and adoration for the amiable animal, protected by Krishna. However, in the modern world, a vegetarian lifestyle is employed to gain a balanced and healthier lifestyle.

In spite of the different beliefs of different people all around the world, we can always choose a certain way to live our own lives. Everyone can choose what to do with compassion and kindness.

A vegan lifestyle has been viewed as one of the most kind and compassionate way of a food lifestyle. If a person is using a vegan lifestyle, you are pledging not to eat any kind of meat or animal products.

Most vegans (vegetarians) believe that animal farming is a very cruel way to make money. Raising animals and turning them into meat and other products that are beneficial to humans is very heartless.

If you are a person who decides to be a vegetarian to help decrease the existence of animal cruelty, then you are making a right choice to respect life.

Most people believe that humans need meat products to absorb all the nutrients and vitamins needed by our body to properly function. However, vegetarians believe that being a vegetarian is actually healthier because vegetables, fruits, grains and other plan foods can also substitute the nutrients that we get when we consume meat.

According to the American Dietetic Association, a vegan lifestyle is also attributed to the significant reduction of risk for heart diseases, coronary ailments, obesity, most kinds of cancer such as colon and lungs, and numerous diseases.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also published a series of position papers pointing out the different benefits of a vegan lifestyle:

1. A high consumption of fruits and vegetables is attributed to the reduction for cardiovascular diseases, most kinds of cancers and other severe chronic eye diseases such as cataract and macular degeneration.

2. Legumes such as beans and lentils are high sources of protein, fiber and other nutrients that help in protecting the body against numerous diseases.

3. High consumption of whole grain products is also attributed to a reduced risk for heart disease, blood pressure, colon cancer and diabetes mellitus.

4. Regular eating of nuts and berries is associated with a reduced risk for heart diseases and increases a person’s longevity.

To live a healthier life, one should add new foods in the diet such as soy products, tofu and soymilk that are very high in protein.

Legumes such as beans and lentils that are paired with whole grain products such as rice provide a high source for protein.

You can also try tofu products such as in peanut butter and sandwich spread for lunch. You should reduce the consumption of meat and animal products that you take for a healthier life.

In a vegan lifestyle, animal cruelty is avoided because there is no need to consume animal products. If you would just observe how a cow is slaughtered and transformed into meat products such as your favourite beef steak, I’m sure you will never eat that piece of meat ever again.