Dieting and Weight Loss – Top 5 Snacks For Shedding Pounds


It seems as though every day a new weight loss book, fad diet, or “revolutionary breakthrough” is released on the market; and for good reason. More people are struggling with their weight than ever before. Perhaps you have tried some of these weight loss plans, only to go back to your old way, and weighing more than when you started. So, what went wrong?

The problem with diets is that they’re…well…diets. The very word is enough to make people shrink back in horror. But you don’t have to go on some wacky fad diet to lose weight. Not at all. Instead, you can make some simple changes and make better choices, and before you know it the weight will start to come off.

One of the best ways to stick to a new eating plan is to make sure you don’t go hungry. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Your body is programmed to eat when you’re hungry, and it doesn’t care what you feed it as long as it takes the edge off of your hunger. The key to doing that is having plenty of healthy and tasty snacks on hand. Here are a few you can try:

1. Plain, fat-free yogurt: It doesn’t have any fat and is high in protein. You can eat it the way it is, add fresh fruit or whole grain cereal, or add it to your morning smoothie. It also versatile, so it makes a good substitute for mayonnaise or sour cream in some recipes.

2. Celery: There is a myth that celery is the only negative calorie food. While digesting it will burn up calories, celery still contains some calories. However, there are so few that you can eat just about as much plain celery as you want.

3. Fruit: Whether you like it fresh, frozen, canned or dried; fruit is a tasty snack that’s perfect for keeping your sweet tooth satisfied. Some fruits are higher in sugar than others, but all in all, you can eat as much fruit as you want. Just be sure to avoid any canned fruit that is packed in syrup, and don’t think that lemon meringue pie counts as a fruit.

4. Canned fish: Perfect for when you want a more hearty snack. Tuna, salmon and even sardines are all a great snack, high in healthy fats and protein. Eat it right out of the can, or mix with some low-fat dressing (or plain, non-fat yogurt) and eat it on whole grain crackers. Just double check to make sure the fish is packed in water and not in oil.

5. Vegetables: Most fresh veggies have a satisfying crunch. You can buy them at the store and prepare them at home. Or you can also get pre-cut vegetables, such as baby carrots, that you can eat on the go. The key to weight loss here is to enjoy the veggies and not just use them as an excuse to eat a lot of fatty dip.