Lose The Shoes – OCD Victim


How does a victim of OCD welcome a visitor at the door, is it with a welcoming handshake and a smile, I don’t think so a fixed stare to the feet more like… What right have guests to come visiting wearing shoes?

Shoes never came alone always on tow with a human.

These humans have the audacity to bring along a few friends evil predators that can destroy an OCD sufferer mentally. Those so called friends come in the form of chewing gum, mud dirt tar.

Bare foot half dressed Indian braves and Masai warriors can call any time clad with their spears and tomahawks. Tribal warriors who are supposed to live in an uncivilized world certainly know how to respect an OCD sufferer’s feelings when it comes down to shoes.

How many times does an OCD sufferer have to repeat themselves to family members and friends to lose the shoes?

Sufferers of over compulsive disorder become victims of mental abuse from others who just do not understand why we do what we do.

You can laugh all you want at the antics we get up too that you the opposition may find funny or stupid

But are we really the ones with the problem I ask myself? Or is the rest of the whole damned nation of our world today the real sufferers bearing the symptoms of ignorance.

How can a person/s help and OCD victim, well they can start by listening and try to understand why we do what we do instead of standing in the blue corner with the prosecution condemning all our actions.

Why are they not listening?

Is this whole damned nation of people in our world today deaf?

Do you not know how much we hurt inside by your ignorance?

Let me tell you a little secret about an OCD victim

We don’t even know. Why we do what we do?

Your local GP should be consulted if your symptoms escalate out of control.

Not everyone is ignorant intentionally, they just find it hard to understand our feelings and emotions and if we do not have the answers to this, then we can not expect them to work out the riddle behind our compulsive daily rituals. But just knowing that we have their support is a great help.

The success rate for a cure is quite high for a victim of OCD. There are help groups and health centres out there for you to contact for information on Over Compulsive Disorder.Counselling is another way of relieving the stress of OCD. Check out my information page.