Calorie Counter Chart Easy Simple Weight Loss


A calorie counter chart maybe just the thing you need to finally lose weight. When it comes down to it, losing weight is simple. Not easy, mind you, but simple, just like digging a ditch is simple but not easy. But that’s not a truth that most diets books will tell you. They definitely won’t tell you that all you really need to lose weight is a calorie counter chart.

There’s a good reason for this, of course, and that reason is money. The publishers make their money selling diet books, and you wouldn’t be able to charge much for a diet book the length of this article. So they need to come up with long and complicated systems to justify publishing books.

They don’t do this intentionally, of course, but if the programs actually worked, you’d only need the one diet book, which would just be a calorie counter chart. People don’t believe weight loss can be that simple, so they buy the complicated systems and try to do them. And sometimes they work. But for most people, diets don’t work.

A calorie counter chart can help you lose weight, and it can help you keep it off. Weight loss really is simple, despite whatever anyone else tells you. You need to eat less than you are burning off. Do that, and you will lose weight. It’s just doing that can be less than easy.

The truth is, all diets work on this principle, even they claim otherwise. If you load up on vegetables and fruit and avoid fat, the sheer bulk of the food you’re eating will prevent you from overeating. If you go the other route and eliminate carbohydrates from your diet, then the fullness you’ll feel from eating protein and fat will be enough to drop your calories to a point where you’re eating less.

But both of those techniques require you to drop out foods you like, and that makes them, ultimately, a short term prospect for most people. Eventually, most people falter and go back to eating the way that got them overweight to begin with. The better way to do this sort of thing is to just never stop eating what you were eating to begin with.

Well, almost, and this is where the calorie counter chart comes in handy. What you need to do is eat what you like, but reduce the amounts. This means that you can continue to eat the foods you like, so long as you control the amounts you’re eating.

This is actually even easier than it sounds. It takes a really trivial amount of calories each day to lose weight. If you can drop as little as 400 calories as a day, you can drop forty pounds over the course of a year. All of this, without ever giving up anything.

What you need to do to do this is consult a calorie counter chart every time you eat, at least until you’ve memorized your favorite foods. Once you know how much you’re eating, just cut down on the portions of the things you like least. Do this, and you’ll be losing weight the easy way.